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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Voiceprint
  • Genre: Psychedelic
The Wilde Flowers have assumed an almost mythical status simply because of the musicians that passed through them. This CD is the very first commercially available record of their early sessions. The booklet is packed with photos, cuttings and extensive sleeve notes from the band.
Track listing: Disc 1 1. Impotence 2. Those Words they Say 3. Memories 4. Don't Try to Change Me 5. Parchman Farm 6. Almost Grown 7. She's Gone 8. Slow Walkin' Talk 9. He's Bad For You 10. It's What I Feel (A Certain Kind) 11. Memories (instrumental) 12. Never Leave Me 13. Time After Time 14. Just Where I Want 15. No Game When You Lose 16. Impotence 17. Why Do You Care (with Zobe) 18. The Pieman Cometh (wIth Zobe) 19. Summer Spirit (with Zobe) 20. She Loves to Hurt 21. The Big Show 22. Memories