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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Aurora
  • Genre: Psychedelic

This Tampa, Florida-based band formed at the dawn of the 1970s. Featuring Richard Dickie Porter (formerly of the superb Wilkinson Tri-Cycle), and Billy Jones and Monte Yoho (later to play with Southern rock legends The Outlaws), their sole album spans hard rock, psychedelic pop and gentle ballads. Originally issued in the summer of 1971, it makes its long-awaited CD debut here.

Track Listing:

  1. Citation On Liberty 5:22
  2. Such An Easy Day 2:58
  3. Canadian Exodus 7:40
  4. Cellophane Lady/No Where To Go 3:56
  5. Ride The Waves 4:07
  6. I'm Your Brother 3:28
  7. Tamara 2:20
  8. Day Of Realization 2:05
  9. It's In The Air 4:46
  10. Finding It 2:23