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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Latest offering in our series of Christian titles, this time fromthose noted style gurus, McDonald & Sherby, whose solecontribution to the canon of 20th century music wasCatharsis, an album which originally appeared on theappropriately-named Omniscient label (Omniscient Records1426S)Some have speculated that given the band's prog/psychleanings, Catharsis was probably recorded in the '70s,although the accepted wisdom is that the album was made atMinneapolis's Sound 80 Studios on 1969. The album consistsof six long tracks with a decidedly heavy guitar-based vibe, allwell recorded and delivered with considerable aplomb.Surprisingly, as the album is extremely rare, this is the firsttime that Catharsis has been available on CD, although a vinylreissue did appear in the early '90s which, for some obscurereason had a completely different cover. Of course we atRadioactive take no such liberties, so here's this superb heavypsych/prog guitar album in all its original glory.Track Listing1. Addoranne2. Sharks Around Blood3. Run And Hide4. Space Beam5. Swim Free6. Drivin' Me Crazy