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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Released in 1973 on the obscure Canadian Periwinkle label, (Periwinkle 7309) Jackal's Awake album has become a highly sought-after album by collectors of heavy psychedelic and progressive rock. Drawing inspiration from, amongst others, Deep Purple, this Torontobased quartet incorporates dazzling guitar/organ interplay reminiscent of Blackmore and Lord at their heaviest. The album is a superb advertisement for this musical genre with nearly every track a winner. The Kellesis brothers, Chris and James, wrote most of the material, and the complexity of the music took the band far beyond the basic rock sounds of the majority of their peers. The opening track, At The Station, is an excellent and melodramatic piece, and For You features some outstanding, heavy guitar work. A New Day Has Risen consists of a magical blend of vocals, guitar and organ, while over on side 2 there are more superb organ theatrics on How Time Has Flown and given what precedes it, as you would expect, the title track is a real killer! Perhaps, with a few lucky breaks, the band could have gone on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, all that's left of their legacy is his single, highly collectable album. Track Listing:

1. At The Station 2. For You Day 3. Sunny Side Of The Day 4. A New Day Has Arisen 5. How Time Has Flown 6. Lost In The World 7. In The Heavens 8. Awake