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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Svart
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Svart Mondo presents an official reissue limited to 500.

Highly sought-after gem of Argentinian prog/psych, Cuero’s second album Crecimiento (1974) is a turning point for the band. Latin jazz-rock style in the vein of Carlos Santana, with abundant instrumental themes of Afro roots, mixed with diverse percussion styles and arrangements, gives you an idea of the outlandish territory the band traverses. A Prog and Jazz Fusion oddity of the finest calibre, reminiscent of records like Zappa’s Waka/Wazoo with some free jazz touches and the occasional jazz flute thrown in for good measure. Heavy bass grooves (“Viéndome a trasluz” “Pisando el suelo”), with a few brief percussion interludes (“Forrado de cueros”) to mix it up a bit, makes Crecimiento an enthralling listen. Resurrected by Svart with booklet and liner notes, so that a future generation can appreciate this piece of Argentinian music history without paying the high prices that the rare original vinyl now fetches.

Track Listing

  • A1 Crecimiento 3:30
  • A2 Forrado De Cueros I 1:15
  • A3 Viéndome A Trasluz 7:40
  • A4 Nuevas Caras 3:17
  • B1 Silenciosos Negros 2:45
  • B2 Forrado De Cueros II 1:15
  • B3 Pisando El Suelo 3:15
  • B4 Fantasías De Cristal 3:45
  • B5 Golpeando Las Piedras 2:07