blackwater park: dirt box
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  • dirt box (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Long Hair
  • Genre: Progressive
  • remastered sound
  • includes liner notes and rare photos.

Blackwater Park's sole album 'Dirt Box', with Murphy Blend's Andreas Scholtz on bass, is a very up-tempo and dynamic work with catchy tunes, hard edged guitars, strong vocals by English singer Mike Routledge and - on a few tracks - complemented with organ play. Rock critics classified the album as hard rock with prog leanings or as a heavy rock proto metal album in the vein of Trapeze and Black Sabbath. Not too progressive, not too kraut, a one-off almost classic and -surprisingly- with the Beatles cover 'For No One'. Don't miss this legendary album by one of the early nineteen-seventies' best bands from West-Berlin.

Track Listing

  • Mental Block 3:18
  • Roundabout 5:45
  • One´s Life 3:03
  • Indian Summer 6:10
  • Dirty Face 4:25
  • Rock Song 8:45
  • For Noone 3:25