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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Wah Wah
  • Genre: Progressive

Originally released by Ohr in 1970, Embryo’s legendary debut was inventive piece of progressive jazz-rock spiced-up with free moves and soaked in a late 60’s psychedelic atmosphere. The original blueprint which gave birth to the jazzier-end of krautrock (Xhol, Kollektiv, Thirsty Moon, Kraan...). An absolutely must have for any krautrock buff.. and of the best Ohr albums !!!


W/ John Kelly (Ten Years After),  Edgar Hofmann, Christian Burchard, Ralph Fischer plus guests Bettsy Alleh (voice), Roberto Detree (motocello),  Holger Trülsch (bongo).




A1   Opal  

A2   You Don't Know What's Happening  

A3   Revolution  

A4   Glockenspiel  


B1   Got No Time  

B2   Call  

B3   End Of Soul  

B4   People From Out The Space


Strictly limited to 500 copies. Quality gatefold cover reproducing Reinhard Hippen’s artwork for the original Ohr 1970 issue . Exclusive liner notes w/ Embryo’s history. Licensed from Christian Burchard.