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Formed in Santa Monica as The Young Swingers, bassist Alan Brackett, singer/guitarist Jim Cherniss, drummer Spencer Dryden, singer/guitarist John Merrill and singer Barbara Robinson began playing local clubs and released two, now obscure, singles in 1965. By 1966 the band had opted on a name change to the Ashes, along with a change in personnel - original bassist Cherniss dropping out, while drummer Dryden quit in order to join The Jefferson Airplane.
The band continued on, signing a contract with Vault Records that saw them release two unsuccessful 45s and within a couple of months Brackett and Merrill had abandoned the project, instead forming The Peanut Butter Conspiracy.
1968 saw Brackett and Merrill drop out of PBC and reform The Ashes with new singer Pat Taylor and drummer John Voight. Produced by Jackie Mills, "Ashes Featuring Pat Taylor" offered up an entertaining mix of country, folk, rock and lite psych touches. Taylor was gifted with a razor sharp voice that simply out-classed contemporaries like Grace Slick. Her performances on tracks such as Gone To Sorrow, Return Home and Look Around Rock were all first-rate. While Taylor handled most of the vocals, Merrills three performances were creditable. The Now and Rainbows both sported catchy country-rock melodies. For some reason the album was subsequently shelved where it sat until Vault unexpectedly released it in 1971.
Overall an excellent slice of mid-1960s Southern California lite-rock now available for the first time on CD.
Track Listing:
1. Gone to Sorrow (3:07)
2. Sleeping Serenade (2:46)
3. Homeward Bound (2:34)
4. Sands of Love (2:18)
5. My Life Has Changed (3:14)
6. Return Home (2:23)
7. Her Invention (2:34)
8. Look Around Rock (2:34)
9. The Now (2:32)
10. Rainbows (2:17)
11. Simple Complexities (2:06)"