dino valenti: get together (the lost recorings pre-1970)
  • dino valenti

  • get together (the lost recorings pre-1970) (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Missing Vinyl
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • First ever release on vinyl "
  • Great totally unreleased tracks from 1965-1970 by the QUICKSILVER frontman "
  • Fully authorized "
  • Limited, deluxe 2LP extra heavy gatefold cover, 180g vinyl "
  • Expertly remastered from the original tapes "

Dino Valenti was one of the most fascinating figures of the San Francisco 60s psychedelic scene. He was the frontman of the Quicksilver Messenger Service, and became famous with his hippie anthem Get Together, that has reached the USA top-ten, when played by the Youngbloods. "

He made a solo album with Columbia, and recorded a lot of other material, that he has been storing in various warehouses in the late 60s. This record comes from some of these tapes, which were recently found and delivered to Valenti's family. "

They are of superb sound quality, and of even greater musical value - excellent never before issued gems, as well as his own version of Get Together presented for the first time here on vinyl. It is unknown, who else is performing in these tapes, although sound and great acid guitar in several tracks strongly remind of early QMS albums."

Limited, deluxe 2LP extra heavy gatefold cover, 180g vinyl""

Side One:"

1. Get Together""

2. One Thousand Miles An Hour""

3. Ain't That A Shame""

4. Silver Dagger""


Side Two:"

1. Strange World""

2. I'll Try Something New""

3.County Fair"


Side Three:"

1. Crossroads""

2. Everybody Knows""

3. Midnight Rider""

4. The Letter""

5. That's How It Goes""

6. To The End Of The World""


Side Four:"

1. Star Rider""

2. City Of Stone""

3. Sadness of My Mind""

4. Play My Guitar""

5. So Close To You"