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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Sunbeam Records
  • Genre: Psychedelic

When his classic Outlander LP failed to break through in 1970, Meic Stevens' major label days were over. Gwymon ('Seaweed'), his legendary second LP, was recorded on his own terms in London in the summer of 1972, and highlights his pop sensibilities, with folk and blues influences also to the fore. It was only released in Wales in a tiny pressing, and has barely been heard since. Shortly after its recording Meic moved to France, where he spent much of the rest of the decade in exile. The album makes its long-awaited CD debut here, complete with two bonus tracks, a detailed booklet featuring rare photos and an introduction from the man himself, making it an essential purchase for all fans of psychedelic singer-songwriting. "


• Lost acid folk classic""

• First-time on CD""

• Two bonus tracks""

• Detailed booklet with intro from Meic Stevens""

• Rarely-heard follow-up to Outlander""


Track Listing"

"Shwd Mae? Shwd Mae? (Hello? Hello?)"

  1. Brenin Y Nos(King Of The Night)"
  2. Cura Dy Law (Clap Your Hand)"
  3. Traeth Yn Obaith (The Beach Of Despair)"
  4. O Mor Lan Yr Oedd Y Dwr (O How Clear Was The Water)"
  5. Galarnad (Lament)"
  6. Merch o'r Ffatri Wlan (The Girl From The Wool Factory) "
  7. Gwely Gwag (Empty Bed)"
  8. Mynd I Weld Y Byd (Off To See The World)"
  9. Daeth Neb Yn Ol (Nobody Came Back)"
  10. Carangarw(Kangaroo)"
  11. Mae'r Eliffant Yn Cofio Popeth (An Elephant Remembers Everything)"


Bonus tracks"

  1. Dic Penderyn (live)"
  2. Santiana (live)"