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  • Format: LP
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  • Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo, Colored vinyl
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Ramrod is an Italian band creating songs between blues rock and psychedelic rock. 'Jet Black' is characterized by dark and mysterious shades, as the title itself suggests. This album opens the door to an introspective and intimate world, which delves deep into the hearts of the five musicians, bringing to the surface stories and intense emotions in a musical journey that ranges from blues-influenced songs like 'Sorrow' to explosive rock tracks like 'Don't Call Me Sunshine', 'Ares Call' and 'Turning Bad'. It is a record that also includes the more psychedelic and progressive side of the band with songs like 'Glass Of Wine' and 'Leda'.

Track listing:

  • A1 Don’t Call Me Sunshine
  • A2 Ares Call
  • A3 Sorrow
  • A4 Lion Queen
  • A5 Glass Of Wine
  • B1 Turning Bad
  • B2 Bluesy Soul
  • B3 Sweet Mel
  • B4 Leda