the pink fairies: never neverland
  • the pink fairies

  • never neverland (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Tapestry
  • Genre: Progressive

A series of fine and rare Rock, Psych, Progressive albums reissued by Tapestry on Limited Edition, 1000-copy, 180gm vinyl, with precious sleeves and packaging. A feast for all collectors.
The first legendary Pink fairies album: a real must for all psychedelia and garage fans. Contains “Do It”, “Heavenly Man” and the manifest-track of the band: “Uncle Harry's Last Freakout", 10 long minutes of anarchist rock, rich of feedback and acid guitars. This really was “proto-punk”! The packaging is just like the original one, with an external artwork on plastic sleeve.
Track listing:
Side One
1. Do It 4:15
2. Heavenly Man 3:41
3. Say You Love Me 3:48
4. Wargirl 4:34
5. Never-Neverland 6:55
Side Two
1. Track One Side Two 4:41
2. Thor 0:58
3. Teenage Rebel 5:20
4. Uncle Harrys Last Freak-Out 10:51
5. The Dream Is Just Beginning 1:18