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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Axis
  • Genre: Psychedelic
'A 1970 Dutch group who played a mix of what was popular at the time: psych, progressive, hard rock and horn rock... The strong Hammond organ presence adds a proto-prog sound similar to Deep Purple - Gnosis
1970 Dutch rarity
Ex Swinging Soul Machine
Hammond organ, psych guitar
Liner notes included
Machine evolved out of Dutch pop-soul legends Swinging Soul Machine in 1970, and featured vocalist John Caljouw, whod previously been a member of local psych legends Dragonfly. Their sole album combines acid guitar with brass and progressive flourishes, coming across like a cross between Chicago and Deep Purple. It was issued in Holland only in 1970, and original vinyl copies are considerable rarities today, making this CD reissue especially welcome.
Track Listing
1. Rainmaker
2. Virgin
3. Say Goodbye To Your Friends
4. God's Children
5. Old Black Magic
6. Spanish Roads
7. Lonesome Tree
8. Sunset Eye