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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Other
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Acid Symposium label This superbly moody album first appeared on Capitol in 1969. Produced by 'Lord' Tim Hudson (The Seeds, The Lollipop Shoppe) and arranged by David Axelrod, it's a superb blend of garage rock and orchestrated psychedelia, featuring a threesong opening salvo truly unlike anything else in pop. This is its
fullest-ever release, complete with four ultra-rare bonus tracks (from privately-pressed pre-LP singles) and liner notes detailing what little has ever been discovered about the ban
- produced by 'Lord' Tim Hudson
- arranged by David Axelrod
- includes 4 ultra-rare privatelypressed
pre-album singles
- "Mellow, soft psychedelia similar
to Gandalf"

Track listing:

1. Soon There'll Be Thunder
2. I Have Been Alone
3. Those Who Love
4. Go Every Way
5. Why Must I Be?
6. Take From You
7. They Didn't Even Go To The Funeral
8. Feeling
9. Girl Said - Know
10. Land Of A Day
11. This Life She Is Mine

Bonus tracks:
12. Oh My My
13. Days On My Mind
14. Look Around
15. Dawn Of My Life""