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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Prog Temple
  • Genre: Psychedelic, Progressive

Initially formed as a trio in 1967, by the spring of 1969 Out Of Darkness had become a powerful quartet, fuelled by the Hendrix-inspired guitar heroics of Wray Powell. Featuring both black and white members, and conveying their Christian message through the medium of loud post-psychedelic rock’n’roll, they amazed and confounded audiences in equal measure. This long-awaited reissue of their classic album (originally issued in 1970), comes with background notes and images.


  1. Us
  2. Thank You Lord
  3. On Solid Rock
  4. Wings Of The Morning
  5. Moses
  6. Lemonade And Peanuts
  7. Closing In On Me
  8. Who Is To Blame
  9. Hustle Bustle
  10. Dreamaway
  11. There You See A Stranger
  12. Homeland
  13. Light
  14. Walk On The Water
  15. Love To Love
  16. Worldpool
  17. Cocaine
  18. Valley