meic stevens: sackcloth and ashes: the eps, vol.2
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  • sackcloth and ashes: the eps, vol.2 (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Sunbeam Records
  • Genre: Psychedelic, Rock / Pop
Following the rapturous reception given to our first collection of Meic Stevens's ultra-rare EPs, Sunbeam is delighted to present this follow-up, spanning the years 1969 to 1971. Featuring much material that has never been available on CD before and complete with comprehensive sleevenotes, rare photographs and an introduction by 'the Welsh Bob Dylan' himself, this is a simply essential purchase for all fans of acid folk and psychedelia.
Track listing: 1. Y Brawd Houdini [The Brother Houdini] 2. Nid I Fi Mistar MP [Not For Me, Mr. MP] 3. Rhyddid Ffug [False Freedom] 4. Jam Poeth [Hot Jam] 5. Nid Oes Un Gwydr Ffenestr [Not One Glass Window] 6. Rhywbeth Gwell I Ddod [Waiting For Something Better] 7. Byw yn y Wlad [Living In The Country] 8. Sachliain A Lludw [Sackcloth And Ashes] 9. Y Misoedd [The Months] 10. Rwy'n Crwydro Y Byd [I Travel The World] 11. Pe Cawn Dy Gwymni Di [If I Had Your Company] 12. Bryn Unigrwydd [Lonely Hill] 13. Breuddwyd [Dream] 14. Diolch Yn Fawr [Thanks A Lot]
Bonus tracks: 15. Nid Y Fl Yw'r Un I Ofyn Pam [Not For Me To Ask The Reason Why] 16. Dwyn Y Lein [Stealing The Line] 17. Dos I Gysgu [Go To Sleep] 18. Roedd Gennyf I Gariad [I Had A Love] 19. Dau Rosyn Coch A Dau Lygad Du [Two Red Roses And Two Black Eyes] 20. Santiana