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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Progressive
Following the lack of success generated by The Phantom'sDivine Comedy (RRCD/LP002) which briefly appeared onCapitol circa 1974, Tommy Court, the tortured genius behindthe band's Doors-like faÁade, dropped the mask and wrote andproduced this album of electronic gymnastics and fuzz guitarswhich appeared on the Fiddlers Music label (Fiddler's MusicCompany 811015-1157) in 1978 under the guise of the HappyDragon Band.The album features loads of synthesisers, electronic soundeffects and spacey, cosmic electronics. Every track isuniquely engaging, with the stand-outs being Positive People,In Flight and 3-D Free (the last being a total electronic freakoutfrom start to finish), maintaining their high level oforiginality and a clear penchant for electronicexperimentation.This is a rare and highly distinctive album which is alreadywell on its way to becoming a collector's item of the futureTrack Listing1. 3-D Free2. Positive People3. In Flight4. A Long Time5. Bowling Pin Intro6. Lyrics Of Love7. Disco American8. Inside The Pyramid9. Astro Phunk10. 3-D Free (Electronic)