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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Akarma
  • Genre: Progressive
180g lp - limited reissue with poster
for all you collectors and record buffs out there, this release needs no introduction. odin's self titled lp is a crown jewel of epic heavy prog, gushing with first-rate guitar solos and cascades of hammond organ. originally from the uk, but based in germany, the band signed with vertigo in '72 to produce this masterpiece. the tunes found here are often laced with hard rock and blues and feature occasional zappa-esque meanderings (tribute to frank), while sporadically spilling over into acoustic folkiness. "be the man you are" brings to mind traffic in their heyday, but perhaps their quatermass cover, "gemini" speaks more about their influences. but one of the best moments is undoubtedly the yes-influenced "life is only", featuring some excellent hammond playing. if you love the mighty hammond and '70s prog jams, do not miss this amazing album!
track listing: side a 1. life is only 2. tribute to frank 3. turnpike lane 4. be the man you are side b 1. gemini 2. eucalyptus 3. clown