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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Akarma
  • Genre: Progressive
LP 180 gram ,thick paste on cover

.Excellent British progressive rock characterized by expert Hammond organ playing, intricate and original vocal harmonies and an agile and precise rhythm section. The scarce liner notes and credits have created somewhat of an air of mystery surrounding the 1971 album, but it is almost certain that the musicians listed simply as 'Amos' (bass) and 'Cure' (vocals), are actually Martin Cure of 'Martin Cure and the Peeps' and Graham Amos of the 'Rainbows'. Reliable sources also point to the likely participation of Terry Howells and Alan Savage. The band also collaborated extensively with the Edgard Broughton Band.Original cover art and lyrics sheet. Don't miss this pillar of 70s progressive rock.