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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Radioactive 's intrepid journey to find the most unusual and interesting musical gems from the past touches down this time in Alaska to unearth this eponymous 1973 album by dreamy folk outfit Moonstone, and what a discovery this is! Privately released on the obscure Kot'ai label (KOT3003), the album features predominantly female vocals and crystal clear male-female harmony singing. Imagine the meeting of U.S. West Coast acoustic songwriting and esoteric U.K. folk from the early 70's. This is it! Intimate, compelling...magical! The songs really are exquisite. Musical accompaniment minimum. Only acoustic guitar features throughout, with piano and flute occasionally. T h e r e 's the hint of a gentle electric guitar in there too, but it's those intricate, ethereal vocal harmonies that draw the listener. Those who enjoy late night/early morning listening, Linda Perhacs, C S N Y, Trader Horne, and 70's folk music in general...This is for you
Track listing:1. Focus 2. In Case 3. Top Heavy 4. Finas Birthday Song 5. Cointreau 6. Relative Hoak 7. Black Blind Light 8. David (Blue) 9. Murk 10. Said Gently 11. Hope You Come See