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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Folk, Psychedelic
Major Arcana 's self-titled release from 1976 which appeared on the modestly-named A Major Label (A Major Label 1000) followed hot on the heels of two previous solo eff o rts by the folk/psych legend Jim S p e n c e r. This is an album that defies categorisation, featuring as it does a veritable smorgasbord of musical styles, although the phenomenal opening track, Western Wind, is rightly regarded as an acid folk/psych masterpiece. The band, augmented by the presence of Spencer's p revious collaborator and Bloomsbury People alumnist, keyboard p l a y e r and flautist Sigmund Snopek III, combine eff o rtlessly to pro d u c e an album of changing moods, with strong, up-front vocals, neat synth arrangements and a recurring lounge/multi-instrumental vibe. T h e re 's even an acidhead arrangement of Henry V I I I 's only known chart success, Gre e n s l e e v e s . One critic described the album thus: "West coast psychedelic gem, with nice folky tunes, dreamy stoned vibe and some killer acid guitar outbursts. Really great psych music you can easily imagine from the awesome cover a rt!". Another overlooked album that comes highly recommended
Track listing: 1) Western Wind 2) Dark Trip to Edge City 3) Shake Me 4) Steal Your Love Back Home 5) Deanna Durbin Blues 6) Down Under Blues 7) Papa Doc 8) Back in the Spirit 9) Fran's Blues 10) Greensleeves