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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Radioactive records are pleased to present "Stained Glass Window" for the first time on CD.

This superb acoustic downer / loner folk album, written and performed by Bob Racine was originally released on the private Sycamore label, Illinois, USA in 1975. (SM 248)

Bob has simply disappeared after releasing this his sole output that took 2 years to create. In his own words " Stained Glass was written in 1975. A time I found myself concluding a long period of thought and feeling of love, spirit, and the spoken words left behind as guides for us through these and future times."

As a whole this album is the work of one man deep in self-contemplation alone with a guitar and his own voice and thoughts. Vocally Racine has an obvious affinity with Dylan, particularly the strong folky protest feel of a young Dylan in "To the Night Sky From a Summers Meadow" and "Morning Mirrors". "Keep in Time" hints at Arlo Guthrie. "To the Man With The Buttons" hints of Neil Youngs "Sugar Mountain" and "After All Has Been Drawn" hints at Zeppelins "Misty Mountain Hop". The stand out track is "Stained Glass Window" with its infectious rhythm and heartfelt vocal. We cannot recommend this album highly enough. Every track is strong. It is well conceived and performed and there is enough diversity to keep interest throughout

Track Listing:
To The Night Sky From A Summers Meadow
Stained Glass Window
Flames of Gold
Unfinished Songs
To The Man With The Button
Keep in Time
Morning Mirrors
After All Has Been Drawn