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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Aurora
  • Genre: Psychedelic

• Lost rock concept album"

• First issued in 1969"

• First time on CD"

• Background notes included"


‘An odd rock concept album about the Civil War. Pretty good’ - The Acid Archives"


The brainchild of 23 year-old writer / guitarist Dale Menten, The House Of Leather is a rock opera set in a bordello during the US Civil War. It was originally released in December 1968, shortly before it was staged as a sell-out rock opera in Minnesota. A fine mixture of acid-tinged pop-rock and ballads, it makes its long-overdue CD debut here - together with liner notes that tell the story of the production’s ill-fated move to New York in 1970."


Track Listing "

1. Medley: Swanee River Overture / House Of Leather Theme"

2. Do You Recall The House Of Leather?"

3. Recess With Mrs. Grim"

4. Graduates Of Mrs. Grim’s Learning"

5. There Is Love In The Country (On The Donny Brooks Farm)"

6. Here I Am"

7. She Lives With Me"

8. There’s Love In The Country (On The Donny Brooks Farm) - Reprise"

9. Time Marches On"

10. Dixie And The War"

11. Death And Reality"

12. Sarah’s On Her Knees"

13. Theme From House Of Leather (Epilogue In Suede)"