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  • the outlaw blues band - breaking in (2 CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Beat Goes On
  • Genre: Blues, Soul, Funk

Californian Outlaw Blues Band were signed to ABC's Bluesway label by renowned producer Bob Thiele. Thiele had an impressive reputation as a Jazz producer, heading up the Impulse label. Amongst his production credits are B.B. King, John Coltrane and John Lee Hooker. The band recorded these two diverse and musically outstanding albums in 1968 before splitting up. Digitally re-mastered and slip-cased with new notes.
Disc 1
01 Tobacco road
02 Tried to be a good boy (but i'm worse than a nazi)
03 How bad love can be
04 I've got to have peace on my mind
05 Lost in the blues
06 Death dog of doom
07 Sweet sixteen
08 Two 'tranes running
Disc 2
01 Plastic man
02 Stormy monday blues
03 My baby's left and gone
04 Day said
05 Mamo pano shhhh
06 You're the only one
07 Deep gully