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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Shadoks
  • Genre: Psychedelic

South Africa 1970

The band Abstract Truth existed only for a very short time, but it was a time of super-creativity. They exploded on to the Durban music scene early in 1969, released 2 studio albums during 1970 on EMI, which have have here. The 3rd album Cool Sounds For Heads is only a compilation of this 2 LP's. Ken E Henson on guitar, vocals and sitar / Robbie Pavid on percussion / Brian Gibson on bass & vocals / Sean Bergin on sax & flute."
Excellent early '70s melodic wistful freak rock blends with African sounds featuring assorted instruments: keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone, percussion, etc. A refreshing approach with eastern touch. If you like UK bands such as Quintessence, If and Blodwin Pig, this album goes in the same direction. It is more trippy/stoned and acoustic than the Silver Trees album.

Track Listing:

  • Jersey Thursday 3:50
  • Coming Home Baby 6:34
  • Oxford Town 4:11
  • Fat Angel/ Work Song 10:04
  • Summertime 5:18
  • Scarborough Fair 3:46
  • Parchman Farm/ Morning 3:00
  • Ain't Necessarily So/ Take Five 10:03
  • Total Totum (Acid Raga) 5:18