twenty five views of worthing: twenty five views of worthing
  • twenty five views of worthing

  • twenty five views of worthing (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Seelie Court
  • Genre: Progressive

Legendary Canterbury Scene band with long complex progressive rock tracks in the Soft Machine, Egg, Matching Mole, Caravan vein. Hugely popular and highly active in the early seventies , the band didn't get a deal and had no releases until the highly worthy Wind Walker edition of 2021 which sold out upon release. Seelie Court has taken on the mantle to issue it on CD for the first time with a vinyl edition forthcoming. includes extensive booklet with band history and photos.

Track Listing

    Chapter One
  • Vamp Till Ready 8:36
  • Joke Without Words 12:07
  • Freak Show 2:26
  • Transition
  • In For A Quick One 5:26
  • Chapter Two
  • You Are What You Eat 5:37
  • Do The Azimuth 4:40
  • Rat Brain Incision 2:02
  • More Feathers, More Dogs 3:50
  • Ratification 3:17