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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Lightning Tree
  • Genre: Psychedelic
OFFICIAL LIGHTNING TREE VERSION ! (NOT A BOOTLEG!) WITH STUNNING SOUND QUALITY. Among the crown jewels of sought after 1960's American psychedelic records The Flat Earth Society's Waleeco is a legendary album that more than lives up to its reputation. Recorded in 1968 for of all things a candy bar manufacturer (Waleeco being the name of the said confection) the album was only made available to candy fiends that sent in a few wrappers and $1.50. Anyone lucky enough to take advantage of that offer obtained a beautiful psychedelic rock/pop masterpiece that took in everything from dreamy west coast styled acid rock, laid back Sunday morning acoustic folk, driving garage psych rock and full on trippy psychedelia. Restored from the original master tapes to its true stereo this 180 gram reissue in a stunning psychedelic sleeve, is the ultimate edition of this period classic that sits head and shoulders above a sea of re-issue mediocrity!