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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Sunbeam Records
  • Genre: Psychedelic
The third and final album by the Edinburgh-based duo of David McNiven and Angie Rew was barely released in 1971, but has gone on to become one of the most treasured 'acid folk' albums of all time. Comprising the epic title track and four unforgettable stand-alone songs, Amaryllis features outstanding support from musicians including Danny Thompson and Terry Cox of Pentangle, and is an essential purchase for all fans of psychedelic singer-songwriting.
* Produced with the duo's full involvement * Lavish gatefold sleeve featuring detailed historical notes by David McNiven himself and rare photographs * Features backing from Danny Thompson and Terry Cox of Pentangle * Top 10 'Strange Folk' classics in Record Collector, 2005
Track listing: Side 1 1. Amaryllis - Part 1 Out of the Darkness and Into the Night 2. Amaryllis - Part 2 Zoroaster's Prophecy 3. Amaryllis - Part 3 Light Side 2 1. Time's The Thief 2. My Stair-Cupboard at 3 a.m. 3. Brother John 4. Circle Of Night