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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Fallout
  • Genre: Folk
This lost 1969 acid-folk collection makes its CD debut here. Featuring superb backing from Skip Prokop, Adam Mitchell and Brad Campbell (of psych favourites The Paupers), as well as long-time Muddy Waters sideman Sammy Lawhorn, Ted Irwin (renowned for his early collaborations with Jake Holmes) and Brad Cambell (The Paupers, Janis Joplin), it features haunting acoustic tunes and Native American-themed lyrics that are sure to appeal to fans of female hippie rock.
Track listing:
1. Mist In The Sky 2. Somebody's Gonna Ask Me Who I Was 3. When I Lived In My Grandmother's House 4. Blue Diamond In A Platinum Setting 5. Mother In Love 6. Come Take A Waltz Through My Heart 7. Peace And Pipes 8. Zono My Bird 9. Head Country (To The Lost City Of Zoozoo) 10. Make It All Right