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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Long Hair
  • Genre: Progressive

Formed in 1973 in Bonn, West-Germany, the band released their first album the same year. The self titled album revisits a conventional heavy rock style mixed with freak out improvisations largely made of fuzzy guitars. This reissue contains three further titles, recorded with Conny Plank in his own studio near Cologne. On their first album Arktis is a aggressive, rough- edged power-trio fronted by an assertive female vocalist. Originally a privately pressed debut, this album offered on the first side three punchy, stripped down hard rock songs (additional two bonus tracks in the same vein) and on the second cut loose with an astounding 'Rare girl' - twenty minutes of high octane rock jamming, mainly instrumental and principally an outlet for guitarist Klaus Blachut, who cut loose with endless soloing and improvisation, providing a tour de force of progressive, psychedelic and heavy rock guitar styles, running the gamot from Ash Ra Temple to Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and even Status Quo. The affect is simply breath- taking. Bonus track on the second side 'Is it real' is again a catchy hard rock song.

Album comes with informative insert including band story and rare photos with greatsupport by guitarist Klaus Blachut. Music is remastered and sounds brilliant. Don't miss this reissue of a very rare original album.


  • A1 Students Idyll 4:02
  • A2 Outcasted 5:34
  • A3 Jeff The Fool 3:25
  • A4 Sky Drive (Bonus-Track) 4:27
  • A5 Don't Hang Around (Bonus-Track) 4:21
  • B1 Rare Girl 20:08
  • B2 Is It Real (Bonus-Track) 2:45