bob downes open music: electric city
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  • electric city (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Timeless
  • Genre: Progressive

Electric City by celebrated Jazz saxophonist and flautist BOB DOWNES eas released in Vertigo s first full year of existence. It featured the leading lights of British Jazz Rock such as CHRIS SPEDDING, RAY RUSSELL, IAN CARR, ALAN RUSHTON and DARYL RUNSWICK. The resulting record, (a collaboration with lyricist Robert Cockburn), was an outstanding eccentric example of Jazz Rock with Progressive and even Psychedelic influences.

Track Listing

  • No Time Like The Present
  • Keep Off The Glass
  • Don't Let Tomorrow Get You Down
  • Dawn Until Dawn
  • Go Find Me
  • Walking On
  • Crush Hour
  • West II
  • In Your Eyes
  • Picadilly Circles
  • Gonna Take A Journey