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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Wohn
  • Genre: Rock / Pop
  • original artwork
  • remastered

British band GOLIATH definitely deserved more than just one major label LP, after which they disappeared with no trace.

This true rarity has been a secret among collectors, and has been soaring in price since original copies are being rarely offered.

Their music is generally classed as heavy progressive, but also as a little crossover as it has interesting elements of jazz & blues through the use of Sax and Flute, and even an interesting eastern flavour, most noticeable in their cover of Davy Graham's '' Maajun, which gains strenght being played in a more progressive, hard mood.

Track Listing:

  1. Port And Lemon Lady 4:05
  2. Festival Of Light 4:58
  3. No More Trash 3:43
  4. Hunters Song 9:54
  5. Men 3:43
  6. I Heard A Song About A Friend 4:31
  7. Prism 6:06
  8. Emerge, Breath, Sunshine, Dandelion 3:32
  9. Maajun (A Taste Of Tangier) 4:30