weeds: just colour (+2x7
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  • just colour (+2x7") (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Other
  • Genre: Psychedelic


Likely, just a one-time pressing. Definitely, this will be the only edition that includes the two bonus 7"s. "So many of the hugely influential bands of the late 1980s scoffed at the overproduced sounds of that decade (including scoffing at many bands that were looking back to the 1960s) and dug deeper into the raw side of the 1960s and previous (and provided so much influence for the decades that followed and the music of today), but while Dead Moon wasn't the only kick ass band from that era that looked back and charged forward, unlike the others, Dead Moon grew out of their own roots, as clearly revealed by these recording by the Weeds. Perhaps even more importantly, or even more accurately, these recordings show that Fred Cole always dug deep to deliver the raw truth. It didn't matter the era, Cole always cut straight through the bullshit and reached right into the source, delivered songs like the ones presented here, garage acid rock that burns like a branding iron into your heart." ~Winch (Green Noise). The 12" is a straight reissue of the 1968 LP (unfortunately originally released as The Lollipop Shoppe but now returned to the real name of the band). One 7" features artwork from the Weeds' 1971 single and contains the 4 songs released as The Weeds (originally on separate 7", one released 1971 and the other 1966 which includes cover of Them's 'Little Girl'). The other 7" features artwork from the 1968 Lollipop Shoppe 7" but since those two cuts were included on the LP, this features 4 other songs, 'Someone I Knew' and 'Through My Window' from the 1969 single, and 'Who's It Gonna Be' and 'Mr. Madison Avenue.' Instead of pressing a double album that could have provided more material, this package was done intentionally to house all the essential cuts (and all the original artwork of the LP and 7" releases).

Track Listing

  • A1 You Must Be A Witch
  • A2 Underground Railroad
  • A3 Baby Don't Go
  • A4 Who'll Read The Will
  • A5 It's Only A Reflection
  • B1 Don't Look Back
  • B2 Don't Close The Door On Me
  • B3 It Ain't How Long
  • B4 It's Makin It
  • B5 I'm Gonna Be There
  • B6 You Don't Give Me No More
  • B7 Sin
  • C1 It's Your Time
  • C2 Little Girl
  • D1 Stop
  • D2 No Good News
  • E1 Who's It Gonna Be
  • E2 Mr. Madison Avenue
  • F1 Someone I Knew
  • F2 Through My Window