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  • last call of shiloh (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Anazitisi Records
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Monster rarity. One of the best christian psychedelic albums. Privately pressed in 1972 in tiny quantities (200 or 500 copies as the band slightly recalls), nowadays is very hard to obtain any and because of its hand-made and fragile cover it's more common to find it without the cover or just with a trashed one. Musically begins as a country-rock flavored band with Grateful Dead and Quicksilver influences. But from the last track on side A and then, the album is "taking off". A real "killer". A combination of westcoasty folk-rock and moody psychedelic rock with superb male and "dreamy"-female vocals and dual-guitar works. Strictly limited to 400 black & 100 coloured copies. It shares the original cover and labels artwork. Extra 16-pages, big shape (30x30 cm) booklet with extensive band bio, photos and lyrics. Fully authorized and licenced by the band. 180gr vinyl as usual. PVC protective outersleeve."