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sergius golowin: lord krishna von goloka
  • sergius golowin

  • lord krishna von goloka (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Ohr / Pilz
  • Genre: Progressive

Rolf- Ulrich Kaiser’s first attempt to cast a '' kosmische''  super- group using the rooster of his Ohr and Kosmische Kuriere labels as the backing band for swiss painter (he did the original cover for the Ash Ra Tempel /  Timothy Leary Seven- Up album) and gypsy mystic Sergius Golowin,  this record can be considered actually as the starter of the Cosmic Jokers saga as it got together for the first time Wallenstein,  Witthüsser & Westrupp,  Klaus Schulze and the enigmatic Jörg Mierke into some sort cosmic allstar- band.

An enchanting album where musicians back Golowin’s spoken- word ramblings with an inspired flow of sound which keeps on rising and falling,  sometimes folky,  sometimes electronic,  always delicate and mystic. A truly work of genius !!!

Track Listing:

  • 1 Der Reigen 16:57
  • 2 Die Weiße Alm 6:09
  • 3 Die Hoch-Zeit 19:37