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  • love and peace (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Long Hair
  • Genre: Progressive

For the first time on double vinyl. 'Love And Peace' was a big outdoor festival in Germany (Fehmarn, last live performance of Jimi Hendrix) held in the summer of 1970. As was traditional for such events, an album was also released to document it. Though, actually, the album consisted of mock-live studio recordings from German bands that performed at the event, recorded under better conditions in the studio. All the music is original. Features rare material from Thrice Mice, Tomorrow's Gift, Dr. Roberts Blues Band, Sphinx Tush with later Frumpy guitarist Rainer Baumann and Greenlight. The double vinyl comes with insert including band stories. Highly recommended.

Track listing:

  • A1 –Thrice Mice Drive Me 2:22
  • A2 –Greenlight Junior's Wailing 5:48
  • A3 –Tomorrow's Gift Begin Of A New Sound 4:45
  • A4 –Greenlight (2) Why Didn't Rosemary 3:58
  • B1 –Tomorrow's Gift At The Earth (Part 1) 5:16
  • B2 –Tomorrow's Gift Indian Rope Man (Part 1) 11:49
  • B3 –Tomorrow's Gift At The Earth (Part 2) 1:34
  • B4 –Tomorrow's Gift Indian Rope Man (Part 2) 1:42
  • C1 –Dr. Roberts Blues Band Tribute To Johnny Winter 3:50
  • C2 –Greenlight Red House 4:13
  • C3 –Thrice Mice Pig II 10:50
  • D1 –Sphinx Tush Crashville 5:10
  • D2 –Greenlight Summer In The City 12:50