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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Fallout
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Recorded in a darkened Philadelphia studio one night in August 1966, this pioneering album was the first to have the word 'psychedelic' in its title and is well-established as an acid classic. Presented here in both its mono and stereo mixes (which have significant differences), and with two ultra-rare pre-album bonus tracks by the band's leader, Rusty Evans, it still sounds truly unique and is a must for all fans of true American psychedelia.br>Track listing: 1. Color Dreams (stereo) 2. Pink Ether (stereo) 3. When Rain Is Black (stereo) 4. It's All A Part Of Me (stereo) 5. Turned On (stereo) 6. Psychedelic Moon (stereo) 7. Shadows On The Wall (stereo) 8. Crystal Nite (stereo) 9. Trip #76 (stereo) 10. Wake Up And Find Me (stereo) 11. Your Choice To Choose (stereo) 12. On Off - Off On (stereo) 13. Color Dreams (mono) 14. Pink Ether (mono) 15. When Rain Is Black (mono) 16. It's All A Part Of Me (mono) 17. Turned On (mono) 18. Psychedelic Moon (mono) 19. Your Choice To Choose (mono) 20. Crystal Nite (mono) 21. Trip #76 (mono) 22. Wake Up And Find Me (mono) 23. Shadows On The Wall (mono) 24. On Off - Off On (mono)
Bonus tracks 25. 1983 26. The Life Game