medusa 1975: rising from the ashes (black)
  • medusa 1975

  • rising from the ashes (black) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Svart
  • Genre: Neofolk - Neopsychedelic
  • black vinyl
  • limited adition of 500 pcs (300 on black and 200 on gold vinyl)

Medusa1975 has been around for a long time, although has undergone several member changes as is indicative of many bands from that era. Gary and Donna Brown, the two original guitarists from the earliest creation of the early 70’s band then known as “Medusa,” are still rocking hard and heavier than ever before. Joined by Randy Bobzien on vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, Phoenix Johnson on bass andDean McCall on drums, they have transformed into a one of rock’s heaviest and hard-hitting, yet least known, legendary -melt -your face –off- force to be reckoned with. Rising From The Ashes is their latest creation, a combination of the original Proto-metal style that defines their sound and a more modernistic mix of straight ahead rock and prog. Peter Basaraba, Medusa’s original singer-songwriter, wrote the lyrics for a song on this album, Nine Circles of Hell, based on Dante’s Inferno and added a few lines on another song, Into The Night, recounting their meteoric musical journey from the ashes of virtual obscurity into the world’s spotlight, reclaiming notoriety they were denied in their inception.

Track Listing

  • A1 Heddin' For Armageddon
  • A2 Rage On
  • A3 Fall Of The House Of Usher
  • B1 Turn To Stone
  • B2 Into The Night
  • B3 9 Circles Of Hell