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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Fallout
  • Genre: Psychedelic
1000 pieces limited edition
Following constant demand, Soundlink is delighted to announce the forthcoming numbered, limited repressing of the legendary Rubble Collection Volumes 11-20 CD boxed set. Amongst the first and best psych compilations ever put together, each and every volume is a mind-blowing treasure trove of acid rock and pop from the late 1960s, and comes housed inside a slipcase card replica of the original LP artwork. Featuring famous names such as the Blossom Toes, the Pretty Things and the Soft Machine alongside a myriad of lesser-known acts like The Purple Barrier, the Pregnant Insomnia and Cherry Smash, and compiled and sequenced by leading collectors, the series has long been a byword for the best in psychedelia. It's presented here complete with a booklet, featuring updated band histories, rare photographs and full discographies , making this the most compre-hensive and authoritative psych boxed set ever assembled.
Track listing:
Rubble Volume 11 - Adventures In The Mist
1. THE ACCENT Wind Of Change 2. THE POETS Wooden Spoon 3. FELIUS ANDROMEDA Cheadle Heath Delusions 4. THE PLAGUE Looking For The Sun 5. THE FAIRYTALE Listen To Mary Cry 6. FIRE Treacle Toffee World 7. THE ATTACK Colour Of My Mind 8. THE CALIFORNIANS Follow Me 9. THE FAIRYTALE Guess I Was Dreaming 10. FELIUS ANDROMEDA Meditations 11. SAUTERELLES Dream Machine 12. THE ATTACK Lady Orange Peel 13. THE POETS In Your Tower 14. TURQUOISE Woodstock 15. CHERRY SMASH Fade Away Maureen 16. THE ICE Iceman
Rubble Volume 12 - Staircase To Nowhere
1. BULLDOG BREED Portcullis Gate 2. VIRGIN SLEEP Secret 3. TINTERN ABBEY Vacuum Cleaner 4. 23RD TURNOFF Michelangelo 5. HUMAN INSTINCT A Day In My Minds Mind 6. EAST OF EDEN Northern Hemisphere 7. WORLD OF OZ Peter's Birthday (Black & White Rainbows) 8. DENNY LAINE Catherine's Wheel 9. TINTERN ABBEY Beeside 10. HUMAN INSTINCT Pink Dawn 11. TIMEBOX Gone Is The Sad Man 12. PEOPLE Glastonbury 13. THE OUTER LIMITS Help Me Please 14. WORLD OF OZ Like A Tear 15. WARM SOUNDS Nite-Is-A-Comin' 16. WARM SOUNDS Smeta Murgaty
Rubble Volume 13 - Freak Beat Fantoms
1. THE BUZZ You're Holding Me Down 2. FLEUR DE LYS Gong With A Luminous Nose 3. THE BOYS BLUE T ake A Heart 4. THE DEEJAYS Blackeyed Woman 5. SOUTHERN SOUND Just The Same As You 6. THE ACT Just A Little Bit 7. FORCE FIVE Yea, I'm Waiting 8. THE ANSWERS Just A Fear 9. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION 9 'Til 5 10. ARIZONA SWAMP COMPANY Train Keeps Rollin' 11. SOUTHERN SOUND I Don't Wanna Go 12. THE ATTRACTION She's A Girl 13. THE GAME Help Me Mummy's Gone 14. THE BOY'S BLUE You Got What I Want 15. THE PEEP SHOW Mazy 16. GEORGE GALLAGHER & WHITE TRASH Dawn
Rubble Volume 14 - The Magic Rocking Horse
1. ESPIRIT DE CORPS If (Would It Turn Out Wrong) 2. THE TRUTH Sueno 3. OUR PLASTIC DREAM A Little Bit Of Shangri-La 4. RUPERT'S PEOPLE I Can Show You 5. THE GROOVE The Wind 6. CURIOSITY SHOPPE Baby I Need You 7. THE GHOST The Castle Has Fallen 8. NIRVANA June 9. PINKERTON'S COLOURS Magic Rocking Horse 10. BOEING DUVEEN & THE BEAUTIFUL SOUP Jabberwock 11. RUPERT'S PEOPLE Dream On My Mind 12. STRAWBERRY CHILDREN Love Years Coming 13. SCIENCE POPTION You Got Me High 14. OUR PLASTIC DREAM Encapsulated Marigold 15. THE SYN Grounded 16. THE SUB Ma-Mari-Huana
Rubble Volume 15 - 5000 Seconds Over Toyland
1. NOAH'S ARK Paper Man 2. THE STATE OF MICKEY & TOMMY Nobody Knows Where... 3. THE ZIPPS When You Tell It Tell It Well 4. THE PRETTY THINGS Eagles Son 5. HOUSE OF LORDS In The Land Of Dreams 6. JOHN FITCH & ASSOCIATES Romantic Attitude 7. TUESDAY'S CHILDREN Strange Light From The East 8. JASON CREST Turquoise Tandem Cycle 9. THE PRETTY THINGS Alexander 10. THE JACKPOTS Jack In The Box 11. SOUND BARRIER Groovin' Slow 12. RUPERT'S PEOPLE I've Got The Love 13. WALLACE COLLECTION My Way Of Loving You 14. THE STATE OF MICKEY & TOMMY With Love From 1 To 5 15. WONDERLAND Moscow 16. THE PRETTY THINGS Blow Your Mind
Rubble Volume 16 - Glass Orchid Aftermath
1. GARY WALKER & THE RAIN Francis 2. JOHN BROMLEY & FLEUR DE LYS So Many Things 3. THE LOVIN' All You've Got 4. THE CHASERS Inspirations 5. ST. VALENTINES DAY MASACRE Brother Can You Spend A Dime 6. THE SEA-DERS Undecidedly 7. DREAMS Softly, Softly 8. ACE KEFFORD STAND Gravy Booby Jam 9. THE REMO FOUR Live Like A Lady 10. EYES OF BLUE QIII 11. THE SEA-DERS Thanks A Lot 12. THE LOVIN' Keep On Believin' 13. THE PRETTY THINGS Grey Skies 14. CARRIAGE COMPANY Feel Right 15. STACCATOS Butcher & Bakers 16. MINT Love By Numbers
Rubble Volume 17 -A Trip In A Painted World
1. THE FOX Seek And You Find 2. THE BARRIER Spot The Lights 3. THE CALIFORNIANS Golden Apples 4. THE OSCAR BICYCLE The Room Revolves Around Me 5. GENTLE INFLUENCE Easy To Know 6. ANDWELLA'S DREAM Sunday 7. A NEW GENERATION She's A Soldier Boy 8. CHRISTOPHER COLT Virgin Sunrise 9. THE LION TAMERS Light 10. THE ACT The Remedies Of Doctor Brohnicoy 11. THE FOX Hey! Mr Carpenter 12. PHILAMORE LINCOLN Running By The River 13. THE AFEX She's Got The Time 14. SPICE In Love 15. NICKY JAMES Silver Butterfly 16. WILD SILK Toymaker
Rubble Volume 18 - Rainbow Thyme Wynders
1. ACID GALLERY Dance 'Round The Maypole 2. ARGOSY Imagine 3. CALUM BRYCE Love-Maker 4. LYONS & MALONE Dr. Gentle 5. THE FRUIT MACHINE The Wall 6. ANDY FORRAY Dream With Me 7. PREGNANT INSOMNIA Wallapaper 8. RUSSELL MORRIS The Real Thing (Part 1 & 2) 9. OCTOPUS The River 10. THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE Ain't Nobody Else 11. INFANTES JUBILATE Exploding Galaxy 12. STILL LIFE My Kingdom Cannot Loose 13. DEE & THE QUOTUM Someday You'll Need Someone 14. ST. DAVID'S ROAD Strange Loves Of Gwyneth 15. OCTOPUS The Thief 16. TIME MACHINE Turn Back Time/Bird In The Wind
Rubble Volume 19 - Eiderdown Mindfog
1. RAMESES & SELKET (In My) Mind's Eye 2. THE LIONS OF JUDAH Katja 3. LYONS & MALONE She's Alright 4. THE MOVING FINGER Pain Of My Misfortune 5. THE PURPLE BARRIER Dawn Breaks Through 6. CINAMMON QUILL Candy 7. THE SCOTS OF ST. JAMES Timothy 8. ICARUS The Devil Rides Out 9. THE FOURMYULA Honey Chile 10. PORTEBELLO EXPLOSION We Can Fly 11. RAMESES & SELKET Crazy One 12. HAYDEN WOOD The House Beside The Mine 13. THE SCOTS OF ST. JAMES Eiderdown Clown 14. TOGETHER Memories Of Melinda 15. PRICE & SHERIDAN Tracey Smith 16. THE CYMBELINE Fire
Rubble Volume 20 - Thrice Upon A Time (Nothing Is Real)
1. BLOSSOM TOES What On Earth 2. THE APPLE Buffalo Billy Can 3. SOFT MACHINE Love Makes Sweet Music 4. BOEING DUVEEN & THE BEAUTIFUL SOUP Which Dreamed It 5. THE DAVID Light Of Your Mind 6. KATE Don't Make A Sound 7. ARGOSY Mr Boyd 8. THE BUMP Winston Built A Bridge 9. ADJEEF THE POET IEKK! I'm A... Freak 10. PANDOMONIUM The Sun Shines From His Eyes 11. CHAPTER FOUR In My Life 12. FLEUR DE LYS Mud In Your Eye 13. CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN Devil's Grip 14. THE BEAUTIFUL Walter's Dream 15. ART Supernatural Fairytales 16. THE BEATSTALKERS Silver Tree Top School For Boys