dr. z: three parts to my soul (japanese mini-lp papersleeve)
  • dr. z

  • three parts to my soul (japanese mini-lp papersleeve) (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Japanese mini-LP CDs
  • Genre: Progressive


Japanese, papersleeve, deluxe limited edition, superb sound"

Respecting all details of the original issue, this CD has exactly the original cover and even the original vinyl labels are included. ...........All reduced to scale!..... Even the paper used is of the original paper quality. A masterpiece of technology and art!!! All these Japanese papersleeve (alias mini-LP sleeve) CDs are really very limited editions with great packaging and sound quality. They are almost immediately deleted after their release date, becoming rare and collectible very soon. So, don't miss the chance to obtain these ultimate collectors' pieces now."

Originally released in 1971, legend has it that only about 80 copies of this album were ever pressed, creating an air of mystery around it and making it one of the best-kept secrets of seventies British progressive rock."