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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Psychedelic
This album, by the Indianapolis outfit featuring the Zerfas brothers David and Herman, is one of the best and probably the best-known self-pressed US psych albums ever to have seen the light of day. All the material is self-penned which comes as a surprise as the tracks are uniformly strong, with lots of keyboards, sound effects, and some great harmonies. The first side is rather Beatlesque, from the superb backward guitar intro of opening track 'You Never Win' to the first class synthesized rock of 'The Sweetest Part'. Another stand-out track from side 1, 'I Need It Higher', recently found its way onto the CD compilation Love, Peace And Poetry.
Track listing: 1. You Never Win 2. The Sweetest Part 3. I Don't Understand 4. I Need It Higher 5. Stoney Wellitz 6. Hope 7. Fool's Parade 8. The Piper