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Label: Shadow Kingdom

The is the first of more albums to come that will be released under the Shadow Kingdom label that I feel fans of Heavy Metal should OWN (from the 60's/70's) in your collection. If youre still searching for something heavier than BLACK SABBATH in the 60s, just forget it, its just not out there. BUT. for the late 60s there wasnt much heavier than this amazing US Heavy Psychedelic / Acid Rock! "Assembly Line" probably IS the heaviest song before BLACK SABBATH emerged. For the time it doesnt get any HEAVIER than this! If this band would have played Woodstock, they would have blown the bell-bottom trousers off of most of the bands and people there with their heavy-fuzzed out guitar blasting riffs, garage-y drums, great catchy vocals and intricate songwriting. Fans of BLUE CHEER, BANG, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, DEEP PURPLE, JIMI HENDRIX, FRANK ZAPPA, IRON BUTTERFLY, STEPPENWOLF, THE DOORS, HIGH TIDE, 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, (heavier) BEATLES, CREAM, (of course) BLACK SABBATH, and so on, need to look into this. This re-issue contains 5 extra bonus songs not included on the past re-issues until now!