agitation free: shibuya nights (record store day 2014 exclusive - limited)
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  • shibuya nights (record store day 2014 exclusive - limited) (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Made In Germany (MIG)
  • Genre: Progressive

"...finest German Prog Rock, from year one, like we used to love, in modern shape: entwined melodic ornaments, dramatic breaks, intricate and elaborate, endless dynamic gains, electronic storms, spheric sounds, cosmic feelings...highly recommended, not only for "Krautrock"-Lovers!" (Rocktimes)

In 2007 three concerts were recorded in Shibuya O'West/Tokyo, finally mixed into this outstanding album. A more than 70-minutes time travel back to the 70's, filigree and majestic. A matchless mixture of spacy-psychedelic "Krautrock" and Ethno-Music. Agitation Free proves again on this album that they are one of the most important representatives of the so-called "Berlin School" (beneath "Tangerine Dream", "Klaus Schulze" or "Ashra Tempel".

Special limited to 1.000 copies Double-vinyl edition in red/white bicoloured vinyl, numbered consecutively, in complex Gatefold!
Sales Arguments:
• Agitation Free is the highly acclaimed "Krautrock" band and next to"Tangerine Dream", "Klaus Schulze" und "Ashra Tempel" one the most important representives of the so called ‚Berlin school'
• Special limited Double-Vinyl-Edition (1.000 numbered consecutively copies) in bicoloured vinyl (red and white) in a complex Gatefold-cover on the occasion of this years Record-Store-Day!

Side A:
01. You Play For Us Today 06:12
02. Sahara City 02:48
03. In The Silence Of The Morning 06:22
04. Shibuya Nights 06:15
Side A total: 21:37

Side B:
05. First Communication 06:25
06. Dialoge & Random 01:22
07. Ala Tul 06:15
08. Laila 07:38
Side B total: 21:40

Side C:
09. Nomads 06:47
10. A Quit Walk 06:27
11. Das kleine Uhrwerk 04:48
12. Malesch 05:42
Side C total: 23:47

Side D:
13. Drifting 03:54
14. Rücksturz 02:57
Bonustrack (Live, Burg Herzberg Festival 2013):
15. In Da Jungl 06:54
Side D total: 13:45