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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Repertoire
  • Genre: Progressive
Mini LP CD, limited edition
Gravy Train was a Lancashire based progressive rock outfit, noted for its top class musicianship and songwriting skills.

The original band was signed to Vertigo in 1970 and was fronted by guitarist and singer Norman Barrett, who had previously replaced Jimmy Page in Screaming Lord Sutchs Savages. Barrett was noted for his Hendrix inspired heavy riffs and feedback, and a unique vocal style well displayed on this 1974 album.

This was the bands second release for the Dawn label and famed artist Roger Dean designed the original LP sleeve for the album, which proved to be the bands final album, and is now a much sought-after collectors item.

As well as the eight original tracks, we have added four bonus items - including the rare A and B-sides of their singles Starbright Starlight and Climb Aboard The Gravy Train.

Classic Roger Dean cover, newly updated by the artist.

Original vinyl artwork in square CD digi- sleeve format (card wallet - no plastic) plus inserted fold-out poster.

Four bonus track - featuring both
A & B-sides of two rare singles!

Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes by respected author and journalist Chris Welch.

Expertly remastered - superb sound.

Track listing:
Starbright Starlight
Bring My Life On Back To Me
Never Wanted You
Staircase To The Day
Going For A Quick One
The Last Day
Evening Of My Life
Busted In Schenectady

Bonus tracks:
Starbright Starlight (Single Version)
Good Time Thing
Climb Aboard The Gravy Train