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  • Format: LP
  • Label: LP - US Imports
  • Genre: Psychedelic

180g vinyl

Their great 1968 debut introduced SWEETWATER'S unusual blend of jazz, folk, rock, blues and classical influences, with an atypical, guitar-free line-up of keyboards, bass, cello, flute and percussion backing Nancy Nevins soaring vocals. The band's signature adaptation of 'Motherless Child' leads off, followed by 'Here We Go Again; For Petes Sake; Come Take a Walk; Whats Wrong; In a Rainbow; My Crystal Spider; Rondeau; Two Worlds; Through an Old Storybook', and 'Why Oh Why'. Highlights include the awesome mind bending fuzz of "My Crystal Spider" and the dreamy baroque psych of "In a Rainbow" which both feature the bands trademark male/female vocal harmonies as well as strings, flute, electric guitar etc. .A West Coast psychedelic essential, produced (some would say over-produced) by the legendary Dave Hassinger!

Track listing:

  • Motherless Child 5:04
  • Here We Go Again 2:32
  • For Pete's Sake 2:50
  • Come Take A Walk 3:48
  • What's Wrong 4:00
  • In A Rainbow 3:17
  • My Crystal Spider 3:52
  • Rondeau 1:15
  • Two Worlds 3:56
  • Through An Old Storybook 2:32
  • Why Oh Why 3:00