pete brown & piblokto!: thousands on a raft
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  • thousands on a raft (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Timeless
  • Genre: Progressive

After the relatively lightweight 'Things May Come...' Pete Brown and Piblokto! produced this much heavier rocker in 1971. 'Aeroplane Head Woman', with its heavy guitar riff, could have come from Deep Purple and the title song, 'Thousands On A Raft', with mock-serious lyrics and a very catchy chorus wouldn't have been out of place on Jack Bruce's Songs For A Tailor. The musicianship is excellent, particularly from the fine young guitarist Jim Mullen and respected percussionist Rob Tait. Brown's songwriting is, as always, lyrically amusing, clever, and just plain weird. Melodically it is as strong as Brown's previous two efforts and overall it is an excellent example of eccentric British rock music from the early 70's.