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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Cherry Red
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Recorded in London in the summer of 1971 by Austrian singer/songwriter Bobby Haumer and an English pick-up band, Zakarrias was issued on the highly collectable Deram label. However, Deram withdrew the album almost immediately when they discovered that Haumer didn' t have a work permit and therefore had to return to Austria. The result is one of the rarest slabs of early Seventies vinyl, original copies having sold for in excess of $1000 on the rare occasions that they surface.

Full of unexpected melodic shifts, and with an overwhelming sense of space and unresolved tension, the album skilfully blends singer/songwriter introversion with elements of folk, blues, psychedelia and progressive rock.

Track Listing

  1. Country Out Of Reach
  2. Who Gave You Love Never Reachin
  3. The Unknown Years
  4. Sunny Side
  5. Spring Of Fate
  6. Let Us Change
  7. Don't Cry
  8. Cosmic Bride