spettri: 2973 la nemica dei ricordi (stereo)
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  • 2973 la nemica dei ricordi (stereo) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Black Widow
  • Genre: Progressive

New recordings of Spettri's first album, which dates from 1972. The line-up this time around features Stefano Melani, Raffaele, Ugo and Vincenzo Ponticiello, and Mauro Sarti, with the addition of guests Matteo Biancalani, Elisa Montaldo and Stefano Corsi. Using the original equipment, we hear a fresh approach with a familiar analogue sound. So expect epic guitar and Hammond parts, a powerful rhythm section and compelling vocals, completed by tasteful sax sounds. This is the stereo vinyl edition.

Track listing:

  • Il Lamento Dei Gabbiani 5:37
  • La Nave 7:24
  • La Profezia 7:07
  • Onda Di Fuoco (Pt. 1) 3:56
  • Onda Di Fuoco (Pt. 2) 2:50
  • La Nemica Dei Ricordi 7:17
  • Il Delfino Bianco 4:05
  • La Stiva 5:50
  • L’Approdo 4:55