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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Rise Above Records
  • Genre: Progressive
  • One off re-issue pressing of 500

Brân were one of the most successful Welsh bands, in their own country, during the mid-late '70s. Their highly unique and unusual blend of heavy rock, mixed with acid-folk and progressive elements, has since led them to become a highly collectable cult band. 'Ail Ddechra', the band's debut, is considered to be their shining moment.

Track listing:

  • A1 Y Ddor Ddig
  • A2 F'Annwyl Un
  • A3 Y Gwylwyr
  • A4 Wrth Y Ffynnon
  • A5 Ynys Gudd
  • A6 Myfydod
  • B1 Rhodiaf Hen Lwybrau
  • B2 Mor Braf
  • B3 Caledfwlch
  • B4 Blodyn
  • B5 Y Crewr
  • B6 Breuddwyd