lifeblud: esse quam videri (1970, uk)
  • lifeblud

  • esse quam videri (1970, uk) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Seelie Court
  • Genre: Progressive

The Seelie Court label features some the rarest, most sought after and most expensive British private pressings and acetates of progressive rock and folk rock from 1965-1978.

They are all vinyl 12” lps, textured covers, pressed by deepgrooves using environmental principles on presses powered by biomass consequently not shrinkwrapped to avoid unnecessary toxic plastic waste.

Seelie Court is a new archival record label with a repertoire of over 50 lps already lined up for release, most are sourced from a private collection of super rare and often completely unknown british acetate and private pressing lps dating from 1965-1978, the most valuable lps that exist. LPs like anaconda (post Arcadium) and Barney James (technically a 3rd Warhorse lp) are undocumented and have been kept in a black box for decades the label will issue progressive rock and folk rock 1965-1978 and post punk/new wave 1976-1982 on a sub label.

Audio restoration is by Reynolds Mastering, England. engineered and restored by an industry genius who specialises in complex restoration techniques utilising pure craftsmanship acquired from decades of experience, Reynolds projects range from restoring delicate decca classical recordings to 30 cd wishbone ash box sets, using a treasure trove of invaluable ex BBC studios analogue equipment and the latest digital to work sonic miracles

  • 500 pieces limited
  • gatefold sleeve
  • silver metallic ink

Ultra rare £3000+ serene folk inflected progressive rock, cherry red used one song from a poor condition acetate on a recent compilation, 3 acetate copies were made in 1970, we used the only surviving near mint lp thats owned by an ex member as source with great audio. the songs Oakenshade and Waxing of the Moon are poetic genius, using a guitar with a damaged bridge to create a sitar like drone, the vocals have an air of resigned melancholia, and the lyrics connect with a mystical understanding of and reverence for nature. issued with the full co operation of all the band, lifeblud later explored a heavier sound that sometimes hits the level of High Tide, and we have 2 more lifeblud lps scheduled for release. housed in a gatefold sleeve with band history, reproducing the original typed lyric sheets, and repro of the acetate labels.


  • A1 Of Hatred's Hand
  • A2 The Journey Home
  • A3 Tenement
  • A4 Eclipse
  • A5 Oakenshade
  • B1 So Be It
  • B2 Rescue
  • B3 Raven's Wing
  • B4 Bridge
  • B5 Waxing Of The Moon